Camper Virtual Tour

Here is a virtual tour of the inside of our camper:

The sofa, like the rest of the camper, is blue. Check out the curtains! I feel like I am entering the 90’s every time I enter the camper.

Camper couch
The couch in our camper

The kitchen is awesome, isn’t it? I suppose it could be worse. We added the wooden island to have some counter space. Without it we would have no counter space. Of course I needed my blender and we use the griller a lot. There is not a lot of cabinet or storage space either.

Camper kitchen
Camper kitchen

Here is most of the camper living area. I guess it is cozy.

Camper Living Area
Camper living area

This is our bedroom in the camper. It is okay, but there is not a lot of space to move around.

Camper Bed
Camper Bed

There is minimal storage space in the camper so we have to be creative. Here is where I keep my shoes. We also have a few very small closets and space under the bed for clothing.

Camper shoes
Shoe Storage

The cats need a place to hang out so we made sure to include the cat tree by the window.

Camper cat tree
The Cat Tree

The fridge is small, but we make the most out of the space. It involves planning and sometimes we have to tetris things into the fridge to make it all fit.

Camper Fridge
Camper fridge

We added skirting under the camper to keep the pipes from freezing during the winter. This also created additional storage space.

Camper storage
Storage under the camper

We had a few instances in which the pump froze this winter. Luckily we did not have any pipes freeze. We used lights to keep the pipes warm when we had negative temps.

Camper pipes


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