Having Hope and Owning Land

“It is a comfortable feeling knowing that you stand on your own ground.”

About two years ago Dustin and I sold our house in Windsor and bought 40 acres of land. Our desire to buy the land was mostly related to discontent for our current situation. Our neighbors bought the land next to us and built a large house within several feet of our own. This blocked all of our views. Before they built the house I could see the street and watch people drive by or watch people walking their dogs. After their house was built all I could see was their windows. This also made our house seem very dark and enclosed because the majority of the windows in the house faced the west and consequently looking directly at our neighbor’s house.

Dustin thought that we were going to live in the Windsor house forever. So when I expressed my discontent, he was not thrilled at first. He hated moving and thought that the house in Windsor could be remodeled. This was true, but there was just not enough space for him to build the shop he wanted and to have a yard and garden that I wanted. After much discussion we decided to start looking at what was available. We decided we wanted to have plenty of space and we even thought about buying land with the goal of eventually building on it. So we started looking at houses on land as well as vacant land.

Sunset on the North side of the property

We got lucky with our land. Dustin knew of a guy wanting to sell some of his land and would offer us a good deal. I really wanted a good view so that was one of criteria for the land. I specifically wanted to be able to live in the mountains or have a view of the mountains. The mountains are calming to me and I feel a spiritual connection to them. Our land has a spectacular view of the mountains and specifically of Long’s Peak.

The East side of our property and Black Hallow Reservoir 

What we did not anticipate when we bought that land is that building on open land is a challenge. Even with a ton of equity in the land, banks want you to have a huge chunk of money saved up. I am going to save our building story for another blog post, but we are hoping that within the next 6 months we will have water, electricity, and septic installed. We are also hoping to have our shop built and finally be able to move to our property.

The South West side of the property

We could have done it the easy way and just found a property with a house already on it, but nothing that is worthwhile is ever going to be easy.

The North West side of the property

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