Camper Shower

During the winter I occasionally like to take hot showers. Sometimes after a long, cold run outside there is nothing better than getting in a hot shower. It can be so nice to stay there for a while. It can be stress relieving. When you live in a camper there is no such thing as a long, hot shower. The hot water runs out in less than 5 minutes. It is all about efficiency. Get in, shampoo, condition, soap, rinse off and get out. If you decide to linger, you run the risk of ending with a cold rinse.

Did you know that you can google how to take a shower in a camper and there are actually forums and articles on the subject? Most of the information I have read involves turning the camper shower on and off. This sounds horrible. I just want to take a damn shower without the risk of running out of hot water.

I have heard that cold therapy is good for you. They call it cryotherapy. That is fabulous during hot summer days. When it is cold outside there is nothing worse than getting into a cold shower, or anything cold for that matter. In the camper two people cannot take showers back to back. It takes at least 30 minutes for the water to warm up again. So in the evening we have to strategize if both of us need to take a shower. We also have to be aware that if we want to clean our dishes with warm water that we may not have warm water for our shower. It is a very real dilemma .

I only take an average of about two showers in the camper per week. No, I am not taking only two showers per week. The remainder of my showers are at the gym or at my father in law’s house. I regularly pack a large gym bag full of underwear, shampoo and conditioner, soap, shave cream, etc. I have gym clothes and work clothes in there. I try to keep extras in my car in case of an emergency. I hardly leave for the day without an armful of bags. I try to avoid taking a shower in the camper as much as possible. I like to take advantage of a long, hot shower wherever I can get one.

The shower is not large or spacious. It is what you would expect in a 300 square foot camper. It is tiny. You have to willing to only have a few hair and skin products because there is not space for more than one shampoo bottle, one conditioner, and body wash. Luckily, Dustin only uses one thing of body wash for everything.

I dream of one day having a large, spacious shower with warm water that lasts longer than 5 minutes. I will be so appreciative of being able to take a shower at home after a long workout or work day and using it as a stress reliever instead of adding to my stress. I am so looking forward to having space to shave my legs. I am mostly looking forward to having some privacy and not having to take most of my showers at the gym.


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