Cats in a Camper

We have two cats living in our 300 square foot camper with us. No, they don’t go outside. They are camper cats and live in the camper 24/7. There is no doubt in my mind that the coyotes would eat them if they were outside. In the evenings we often hear the coyotes howling within feet of the camper. Our cats are Kiki (grey) and Callie (white/calico). Kiki has escaped a few times, but he never goes far. He usually ends up rolling around in the dirt outside the camper and meowing. Callie acts as if she is curious about the outside, but if you try to take her outside and you will likely end up with scratch marks all over your arm.


Two people living in a 300 square foot space is challenging, add in two cats and it gets interesting. Most people know that cats are generally pretty lazy. They sleep most of the day and only get up to eat or poop. The cats are lazy until about four in the morning when they decide it is time to play. That is when it is time for them to start chasing each other around the camper. They bounce off the walls like a pinball machine. They jump on us while we are sleeping and then scurry off when we try to grab them. They knock over water glasses left on the table or shred the paper towels. They spend long periods of time digging through their litter box. It can be really annoying and I think there have been a few times that Dustin wanted to strangle them. Despite their early morning shenanigans, I do enjoy having the cats around and I think they are helping me cope with camper life.

Kiki and Callie cuddling on the couch

The cats are one of the reasons we are living in a camper. Here in northern Colorado the price to rent a home or apartment has increased substantially. If you have pets, good luck. Most landlords can afford to be picky and pets can be destructive so many rentals do not allow pets. Most of the places we looked into wanted a pet deposit of $1,000 per animal. That is $2,000 for both cats, which is crazy! From my previous experience with renting, it seems that landlords find many (and sometimes unethical) reasons to keep your deposit money. It is like throwing $2,000 in the trash. Building a home can be expensive and with the price to rent and the cost of the pet deposits we would never be able to afford it. We had two choices. We could give up our cats (which was never really an option), or find an alternative. The camper was our alternative.

Kiki hanging out on the air filter thing



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