A Horse, Of Course

A horse is a horse, of course. Well, in our case it is not one horse, but 10 of them. We are currently living on a percheron farm. These are not any ordinary horses, they are big horses. As big or bigger than a clydesdale and all black except for a few white patches on their nose or their hooves. They are not riding horses, but work horses and they pull wagons at events like rodeos. They are gentle giants and are very friendly. Their names are Jasper, Jet, Jake, Nate, Willie, Sparky, Homer, Force, Bart (RIP), Mort, and Toby. If you include Cody there are 11 of them, but Cody is not a percheron, he is a quarter horse.  These guys are our neighbors. They hang out right next to the camper and we can see them from our camper window.

Bart and Jasper

There is one thing I need to point out. I love horses. I mean I really love them. In fact, I have a borderline obsession with them.

One of my horse paintings

When I was a child I had a book called “Horse Illustrated” and I would spend hours looking at the various horse breeds and drawing them. I dreamt about owning my own horse and used to beg my dad to buy me a horse. Every time I see a horse I get giddy. They are like my spirit animal or something. Even to this day horses are commonly a subject of my paintings. One of the biggest things that makes living in a camper manageable is when I get to look out my window and see the horses. I can literally hop out the front door and say hello to them any time I want. Now I understand why horse therapy is so beneficial.

Nate looking at us through the window

I bet you are wondering why we are living on a percheron farm. Originally, we were going to live on our land. As of right now our land has no water, no sewage, and no electricity. So if we were going to live on our land we would be camping in every sense of the word. We also looked into parking our camper at one of those designated camper places like a KOA or trailer park. Shockingly, it actually costs a ton of money to park at a place like that. Some places were asking a minimum of $600 up to $1000 per month just to park the camper. That is insane! My husbands coworker and friend has all the camper hookups at his place and offered to let us stay there. He also happens to own a ton of land and a bunch of percheron horses, so that is why we live on a percheron farm. I don’t think he realized we would be here so long. Of course, we didn’t realize that either.

Homer and Jet pulling the wagon for a Christmas hayride
This post is dedicated to Bart the horse, may he rest in peace.

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